L.LAIR company is the first French manufacturer of air burners for the industry, specialized in industrial gas burners, gas and air manifolds, regulation and gas safety, flame monitoring, heating air in the industry and combustion equipment made-to-measure.
L.LAIR manufactures gas burners and their components in small and medium series; in addition, it designs and manufactures thermal equipment for an industrial purpose. Its historical experience for over 65 years in different areas such as automobile, aerospace, agro-food or the reprocessing of waste, allows L.LAIR company to produce functioning gas heating systems at all levels.
L.LAIR provides a high-quality service management and a wide range of other services as design, development process, after-sale service, training on industrial sites and the production of separate components in order to meet all the necessary requirements for industrial installations using heating systems in France or abroad.
L.LAIR individualizes its products in accordance with the specifications of each product.
L.LAIR’s productions include a wide range of areas such as : air conditioning , industrial firings, ovens, industrial furnaces , bath , incinerators , temperate Breakdowns , make-up , thermal treatments , treatments with or without air humidification, leaf-drying facility, biscuits, industrial pastry, Agri-foodstuffs machinery, tank heaters, gas heating ramps, grain dryers, powder dryers, sand dryers, glass dryers, mesh conveyor ovens, flame curtains, etc.

With a wide range of innovating and modular systems, L.LAIR can develop optimal solutions from industrial applications of the flame monitoring to the management of the combustion process.
L.LAIR SIEMENS SOLUTION PARTNER has been certified to provide solutions, products, support and technical assistance to industrial applications in the field of combustion equipment.
L.LAIR Company, as a leader in the French market, can offer solutions with high added value.